[16.09.07] Coping with Americas Credit Crisis: The Global Strategy : Global Players

Coping with Americas Credit Crisis: The Global Strategy

Coping with Americas Credit Crisis: The Global Strategy

Wall Street is stunned. The rest of the world, too. The American dream of owning a home has become a nightmare for investors around the globe. More homes are falling into foreclosure on Main Street, pulling banks in Europe down with them. The money that has powered hedge funds into a global financial force is drying up. How did investors miss the signs of a financial time bomb in the form of subprime mortgages? Why did the ratings agencies fail to sound the alarm? Were European banks und funds blinded by the promises of huge returns from America’s real estate bubble? Reserve banks from Japan to Canada have intervened. But is the crisis under control? Would tougher regulation and new legislation make a difference? Are we headed for global recession? Could the Black Friday of the 21st century be in the making? Is fear driving the market? These are some of the questions Sabine Christiansen plans to discuss on the next edition of “Global Players” from London, a hub of international investment.

Pierre Cailleteau

Senior Vice President, Moody’s

Carrick Mollenkamp

Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Bruce Marks

CEO, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA)

Paul Mortimer Lee

Global Head of Market Economics, BNP Paribas

Peer Steinbrueck

Finance Minister, Federal Republic of Germany

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Coping with Americas Credit Crisis: The Global Strategy

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Sun Sep 16th 19:00 SIN/HK Asia


Will the US Federal Reserve cut their interest rates at their next meeting?

Yes, by 0.25 percentage points
Yes, by 0.5 percentage points
Yes, by 1 percentage point


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