[06.10.07] Luxury Goes Global: Trading Class for Mass : Global Players

[06.10.07] Luxury Goes Global: Trading Class for Mass

Luxury Goes Global: Trading Class for Mass

Our next edition of Global Players comes to you from Paris, where we’ll take you behind the spotlights and catwalks of Fashion Week, mingling with the designers and purveyors of some of the planet’s most sought-after wares. Like no other sector, the luxury goods industry has profited from the recent strength of the global economy. For manufacturers of expensive clothes and handbags, jewellery and other indulgences, expanding markets have led to double-digit profit growth. Sales worldwide were an estimated €135 billion last year, up from €80 billion in 2000. New players such as hedge funds are driving prices to unheard of heights. But in widening appeal and expanding access lies risk as well as reward. As big-name brands promise growth of at least 10 per cent a year and open shops in emerging markets from Eastern Europe to Asia, they face accusations of trading class for mass.

But changing markets and players are also raising new issues:

  • How much is too much when it comes to pricing luxury goods?
  • Does the mass market threaten the high end?
  • Does outsourcing production to low wage countries tarnish quality and image?
  • Are large luxury conglomerates more resilient than mono-brands or do their multiple labels risk “cannibalizing” each other?
  • How well positioned is the luxury industry to withstand a potential downturn?

Those are some of the issues Sabine Christiansen will be discussing with her guests. 

Marc-André Kamel

Head of Bain & Company’s European Retail Practice

Karl Lagerfeld

Artistic Director of Chanel

Alex Bell

Chief Executive of the Dominion Group

Dana Thomas

Author of “Deluxe”

Karen Katz

President and Chief Executive Officer of Neiman Marcus Stores

Bernd Beetz

CEO, Coty Inc.

Denis Evstaviev

Bosco di Ciliegi, Multi Brand Fashion Director

Wolfgang Joop

Designer and Founder of Wunderkind

Christopher Norton

General Manager, Hotel George V

Dieter Zetsche

Chairman and CEO, Daimler AG

Airing Times

Luxury Goes Global: Trading Class for Mass

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Sun Oct 7th 19:30 CET Europe
Sun Oct 7th 23:00 SIN Asia
Sun Oct 7th 23:00 SYD Australia
Mo Oct 8th 23:00 CET Europe
Mo Oct 8th 19:00 CET Germany
Sat Oct 6th 21:00 SIN Asia
Sat Oct 6th 21:00 SYD Australia
Sat Oct 6th 19:00 EST US


What are the most prospective markets of luxury goods for the next years?



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