[05.02.06] Stopping Iran: At Any Prize? : Global Players

Stopping Iran: At Any Prize?

Stopping Iran: At Any Prize?

Donald H. Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense will be the first guest interviewed by Sabine Christiansen on CNBC Europe's new programme Global Players with Sabine Christiansen.

The Rumsfeld interview will be followed by a panel discussion with other pre-eminent international leaders on what should be done to halt Iran's nuclear programme.

That question is on the agenda this week both at an extraordinary session of the International Atomic Energy Agency's Board of Governors, and at the Munich Security Conference.

The Security Conference provides the newsmaking setting for this first edition of Global Players with Sabine Christiansen. Both the Rumsfeld interview and discussion will be recorded on February third and fourth in Munich and will explore the latest critical issues...

  • How grave is the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran?
  • What does it mean for the region and the world?
  • Will sanctions have the desired effect?
  • Should Iran be stopped at any price?

Sabine Christiansen said of her first show with CNBC, "With Rumsfeld we have a very influential first guest and a critical topic to discuss. The programme will give CNBC viewers around the world the insight and analysis that they need on an issue that has far-reaching implications for everyone."

The Guests

Donald Rumsfeld

Secretary of Defense of the USA

Konstantin Kossatschjow

Chairman Int. Committee, Russian Parliament

Zhang Zhijun

Deputy Secretary-General of the International Department

Pierre Lellouche

President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

R. James Woolsey

Former director of the CIA


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